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  • Reservation
  • Entrance
  • Register at front
  • Change clothes and purchase items
  • Round
  • Meals
  • After round
  • Calculate Fee
  • Receive a golf bag
How to use guide
Distinction How to use
  • Reserve 2 months before
  • Telephone/ Fax reservation: 9am ~ 6pm
  • Online reservation through internet: 24 hours (search, Cancel Reservation)
  • Unload golf bag at the main gate by arriving 30 minutes prior to tee off time
Register at front
  • Fill out application form (Internet member should fill out the final four digits of the cell phone number in the remarks section for there may be a person with the same name)
  • Receive locker card
  • Store valuables at the front (The golf course does not take any responsibilities for stolen or lost valuables that were not stored.)
Change clothes and purchase items
  • Change clothes at the locker room and then have a meal or go to the start plaza (15 min before tee off time)
  • The golf shoes with rubber spikes are mandatory for the protection of the greens.
  • Use the start house for golf items, ATM, etc.
  • Check electric cart conditions and members who sign for the self-team should drive by themselves
  • Self-play is available for GPS navigation is equipped
  • Please do not interrupt the game by playing with two balls.
  • Please maintain an acceptable distance from the front team for a smooth game.
  • The player should do his/her own ball mark and bunker selection on the green.
  • Restaurant : Offers only breakfast and lunch (dinner is not served)
  • Start House : Offers snacks, beverages, cookies, etc.
  • Shade House : Unmanned service (1,000won bill for vending machine)
After round
  • Caddy team check golf clubs and then sign
  • Self-team arranges their own golf clubs
  • Receive golf bag tag (golf bag maintenance service)
  • Game management staff check the electric cart conditions when the self-team return it
Calculate Fee
  • Deferred payment: Green fee, cart fee, rental fee, food and beverage, etc. (The fee may be refunded according to the golf course terms and conditions when bad weather occurs during playing a game.)
Receive a golf bag
  • Present golf bag tag to the front staff to check and then receive a golf bag


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