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Address : 1278-169, Beonyeong-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea
TEL : +82-64-802-8114
FAX : +82-64-805-8991~2
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Jeju International Airport (takes 30 minutes)
Use Beonyeong-ro

Jeju International Airport Marina Hotel cross section (turn left, Road no. 12) - Hanaro Mart (go straight) - Georo cross section E1 gas station (turn right, Road No. 87) - Bonggae (go straight) - Elephant Land (go straight 500m) - Checkpoint (turn right and then road no. 1118) - Ecoland Golf&Resort (turn left)

Use 5.16 Road

Jeju International Airport - Shinjeju (go straight, road no. 18) - Jeongsil (road no. 1131) - Sancheondan checkpoint (go straight) - Intersection (turn left, Bijarim-ro, road no. 1112) - Gyorae Entrance Minimi Land (turn left and then road no. 1118, 1km) - Ecoland Golf & Resort (turn right)

Use call taxi
Gyorae Beonyeongro Call Taxi +82-64-727-0082
To use Ecoland airport shuttle bus (advanced Reservation is mandatory, only available for the customers of package Reservation and Golftel guests)

Airport, Marina Hotel Crossroads, Tax Office Intersection, Georo Intersection, Bonggae Checkpoint, Golf Course

Operating Hours (takes about 30 minutes)

Airport - > Golf Course10:00, 11:20 (from the airport)
Golf Course - > Airport12:00, 14:30, 16:00 (from the golf course)


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Here are the affiliated companies offering flight tickets, accommodations, and others at a reasonable price at your convenience when using Eco Land Golf Club.

Partners List
Distinction Partners Website Telephone number
Affiliates Namboo Country Club 남부회원남전용 -
Namboo Driving Range 연습장회원전용 -
Travel Agency
(Flight ticket, etc.)
Yes Tour www.yesgolftour.com 1588-9596
Hello Golf www.hellogolf.co.kr 1800-9087
X Golf www.xgolf.com 02-3153-0140
Welcome Jeju www.welcomejeju.kr +82-64-745-1000
Jeju Limousine Tour www.jeju7777.com +82-64-713-7725
Ace Tour www.jejuacegolf.com +82-64-747-8522
072 Golf www.072golf.com 02-830-2000
Jeju Tour Bank www.jejutourbank.co.kr +82-64-712-9700
JK Tour www.jejujk.com +82-64-748-7151
Golf Cube www.golfcube.co.kr 02-6925-0803
Davichi Tour www.davichitour.com +82-64-712-8245
Jeju Golf Plaza www.jejugolfplaza.co.kr +82-64-712-9353
Hello Jeju www.hellojeju.com 1644-+82-640
Hana Tour (Smart Tour) www.hanatour.com 070-8857-2279
Accommodations Ocean Grand Hotel www.oceangrand.co.kr +82-64-783-0007
Mei The Hotel www.jejumeihotel.com +82-64-766-8899
The Gallery Pension www.thegalleryjeju.com +82-64-784-4284
Noblet Youth Hostel www.noblet.kr +82-64-764-6007
Shinwon B&Bill Resort www.swresort.kr 070-4902-2885
Nang Pension www.nangpension.com +82-64-726-5566
Taxi Gyorae Call Taxi Gyorae-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea +82-64-727-0082