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  • We appreciate your cooperation as specified below for your comfort and the safe use of Ecoland Golf Course Golftel.

Room Types and Amenities

Room Types and Amenities List
Total number of rooms 6 rooms (5 rooms of 50 pyeong / 1 rom of 20 pyeong)
Room Types Four occupancy: 2 Beds, 1 Living room, 2 Bathroom
Bed Room Bedding (2 sets of single bedding per 1 bedroom)
Living Room LCD TV, telephone, teapot, mini fridge, 2 free bottled water, Wi-Fi, flashlight, 220V power
Bath Room Shower booth, bidet, hairdryer, brush, wash towel, bath towel, soap, cotton swab, cotton pad, hair cap, shampoo, rinse
  • Please bring your own personal bathroom amenities (cosmetics, tooth paste, tooth brush, razor, etc.).
  • You can buy tooth paste, tooth brush and razor at the start house.

Room occupancy : 4people

Check-in : From 14:00

Checklist when Check-out (Check-out before 12:00)

  • When checking out, please organize any items moved to another room as they were.
  • There is an excess charge for check-out after the check-out time (By 12:00 of the day of Check-out) as below.
    • Check-out by 16:00 : 1/3 of room charge for a day
    • Check-out by 17:00 : 1/2 of room charge for a day
    • Check-out after 17:00 : Full room charge for a day

No cooking in the room

No portable gas range or animals are allowed

Please be aware that no portable gas range or animals are allowed in a room.

Beverage room service

  • Breakfast and lunch are available at the restaurant.(Breakfast : 06:30~10:00 / Lunch 10:30 ~ 14:00)
  • Please understand that meals are not room serviced to a room.

Room Key

Please carry a room key for your safety and privacy and return it to the front desk when checking out (Lost key: 50,000 won)

Public Area Etiquette

  • Do not wear slippers or underwear when you go outside of the building.
  • Please dry the laundry in a bathroom not on the veranda.

Bedrock water from 350m below

We use the bedrock water from 350m below in Ecoland. The excellent bedrock water (highest class water) from 350m below is drinkable and you can feel you skin getting soft and glowing even without using soap for it has high mineral contents.

The discount ticket for Ecoland Theme Park is available for guests at the front desk.

Please contact the front desk (ext. 8120) for any room related complaints or requests.

Golftel Fees

Golftel Fees List
Distinction Standard fee for weekdays Standard fee for weekends (holidays) Remarks
Room no. 1~5 (50 pyeong) ₩300,000 ₩500,000  
Room no. 6 (20 pyeong) ₩200,000 ₩300,000


Close window

Here are the affiliated companies offering flight tickets, accommodations, and others at a reasonable price at your convenience when using Eco Land Golf Club.

Partners List
Distinction Partners Website Telephone number
Affiliates Namboo Country Club 남부회원남전용 -
Namboo Driving Range 연습장회원전용 -
Travel Agency
(Flight ticket, etc.)
Yes Tour www.yesgolftour.com 1588-9596
Hello Golf www.hellogolf.co.kr 1800-9087
X Golf www.xgolf.com 02-3153-0140
Welcome Jeju www.welcomejeju.kr +82-64-745-1000
Jeju Limousine Tour www.jeju7777.com +82-64-713-7725
Ace Tour www.jejuacegolf.com +82-64-747-8522
072 Golf www.072golf.com 02-830-2000
Jeju Tour Bank www.jejutourbank.co.kr +82-64-712-9700
JK Tour www.jejujk.com +82-64-748-7151
Golf Cube www.golfcube.co.kr 02-6925-0803
Davichi Tour www.davichitour.com +82-64-712-8245
Jeju Golf Plaza www.jejugolfplaza.co.kr +82-64-712-9353
Hello Jeju www.hellojeju.com 1644-+82-640
Hana Tour (Smart Tour) www.hanatour.com 070-8857-2279
Accommodations Ocean Grand Hotel www.oceangrand.co.kr +82-64-783-0007
Mei The Hotel www.jejumeihotel.com +82-64-766-8899
The Gallery Pension www.thegalleryjeju.com +82-64-784-4284
Noblet Youth Hostel www.noblet.kr +82-64-764-6007
Shinwon B&Bill Resort www.swresort.kr 070-4902-2885
Nang Pension www.nangpension.com +82-64-726-5566
Taxi Gyorae Call Taxi Gyorae-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea +82-64-727-0082